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Congratulations to CheeseMan, the GameSalad Game of the Month for January!

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Developed by Hicham Allaoui, CheeseMan is a fun homage to platformer games of the past. Inspired by Super Meat Boy (and with the blessing of Team Meat!), CheeseMan was...

Calling all GameSalad developers!

We are looking for interested parties to create teams and show some GameSalad Creator love by developing GameSalad made games for the Global Game Jam this weekend (January 27-29, 2012)! We would love to see...

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Conner Haines is not the typical eleven year boy. In rural Pennsylvania, Conner Haines spends his free time developing apps with GameSalad. Better yet, he spends his time and app development skills by offering app development services for free to...

GameSalad Presents: Battle Legend Infinity

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We are excited to announce the first original IP launch of GameSalad's GameTeamOne, Battle Legend Infinity!

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GameTeamOne, GameSalads internal game studio, is excited to announce the launch of Battle Legend Infinity, a throwback RPG Battle game on... Introduces Web Redesign

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The GameSalad team is proud to launch a brand new web redesign today. The team has put in many long hours and has worked hard in crafting a cleaner, sleeker, and more professional experience for our users. The focus has been on creating fun and...

Apple’s Mac Store Hits 100 Million Downloads

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Apple revealed on Monday that they have achieved 100 million downloads on the Mac App Store in less than one year of operation.

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"In just three years the App Store changed how people get mobile apps, and now the Mac App Store is changing the...