Our recent update to GameSalad for Mac (v13.6) added a whole new publishing platform - Amazon Fire TV - and support gamepad controls for Android, Kindle, FireTV, and Mac desktop games.

And for a limited time, Amazon is making Fire TV publishing free for ALL GameSalad Mac users! 

To celebrate, we’ll be giving away a total of $1000 total to 3 randomly selected games that are published on Fire TV between now and March 30th. In addition, every game published on Fire TV will net you a free month of PRO, giving you access to publishing on all GameSalad supported platforms and powerful monetization features.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • GameSalad Creator 0.13.6 Mac Download
  • Official Rules
  • Tips for publishing on Fire TV from Amazon
  • To submit your game for this promotion, simply publish your game and follow the instructions on the Incentives tab.  Once submitted, you'll receive a confirmation.  That's it!