GameSalad Introduces Web Redesign

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The GameSalad team is proud to launch a brand new web redesign today. The team has put in many long hours and has worked hard in crafting a cleaner, sleeker, and more professional experience for our users. The focus has been on creating fun and easy to use interactions, gamifying the Cookbook learning experience with tutorials and point systems, and adding new features to Marketplace such as audio sales.

GameSalad Marketplace

With the new website, comes a new improved Marketplace! You’ll find clearer searching, an easier to find and use shopping cart, and a ton of new content.

Here’s a list of the new things you’ll find:

* FREE Template & Art Pack: Be the Spark
From Popular Mechanics September digital issue, this Game Team 1-developed game demonstrated how mathematical formulas in GameSalad creates a smooth running, dynamically adapting engine simulator. With Hearst Communications, we are pleased to offer both the full game template (with art) and the engine art pack to our community for FREE! Try to make your own engines- Can you build the V8? The Veyron’s 16?

*Audio Assets
In addition to the hundreds of art and template assets, we now are offering audio tracks for sale on Marketplace! Music and sound effects will be offered to enhance your games, with more and more content being brought online every day.

*Daily Deals
While we’ve had this for a while, every day you’ll find a new asset or pack on sale for a great discount! Be sure to come back every day and see what is being offered. Expect some incredible savings for the holiday season.

*New Interface & Cart
A cleaner look, a convenient shopping cart, and faster searches all go live today. Over the coming days, you’ll see popular assets grouped by category (art, templates, audio), which will make finding the latest and greatest even easier.

So come by and see what is available to help you in your game development career. If you’re interested in submitting assets for sale in the Marketplace, send a sample of your work to

GameSalad Cookbook

Part of our extensive web redesign brings a new experience for GameSalad Cookbook. Initially, Cookbook was a place to search, ask, and answer questions pertaining to game development with GameSalad. Users were able to ask their GameSalad and game design related questions and responses came from both members of the community and the GameSalad team.

Now, in its expanded form Cookbook is a one-stop destination for a GameSalad education experience. New features include: Dictionary, Tutorials, “Level Up” Knowledge Ranking System, and a redesigned Q&A experience.

The dictionary is a glossary of commonly used GameSalad game development terms. This is a great reference for beginners looking to learn the tool and the building blocks of game creation.

Interactive tutorials make learning GameSalad come to life. Once logged into your GameSalad account, users can chose between 4 sets of tutorials off the Tutorial World Map; with topics ranging from beginning to more advanced learning sets. Each tutorial contains a set of lessons. We will be regularly adding new tutorial sets. As always, we value your feedback. Embedded into each tutorial is the opportunity to give feedback and let us know what you thought was the most and least helpful.

Screen Shot 2011 12 15 At 1.50.10 Pm

Screen Shot 2011 12 15 At 2.39.01 Pm

Screen Shot 2011 12 15 At 2.40.16 Pm

*Level Up Your Knowledge
You can now also “level up” in your knowledge of GameSalad as you complete our tutorials. At the end of each tutorial are a series of questions; answering these correctly will award you points! Receive enough points, and you'll be awarded a new level. In the future, we'll be rolling out additional opportunities to get points, like answering Q&A questions.

Screen Shot 2011 12 15 At 2.41.40 Pm

*Q&A Facelift
The Q&A section of Cookbook has also received a redesigned facelift. Explore here to ask and have your specific development questions answered. The more you ask and answer, the more the knowledge of the community grows.