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Today, GameSalad has made professional game creation even more accessible, as the price of annual Pro Membership has now been lowered to $299 USD.

There has been a great deal of conversation throughout the community in regards to the cost associated with Pro licensing. After careful analysis of the market, as well as the needs of our community, GameSalad Pro is now more affordable than ever. The price has dropped from the previous $499.00 USD to the new low price of $299.00 USD.

Taking into account that many of GameSalad’s Pro Members have previously invested at the original price point of $499, we are extending current Pro memberships that joined at that price point by 8 months.

We thank all our Pro Members for their investment in GameSalad, and hope this new price will open the doors to more developers who desire the added power a Pro license can give you, and we intend to keep adding to that value as GameSalad continues to grow.

Thank you, and happy developing!

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