Introducing GameSalad Premium Support


Hello everyone!

At GameSalad, we want to help every member of our community become the best possible game designer. To that end, we've drafted an Official Manual (available for both Windows and Mac), crafted the detailed tutorials of GameSalad Cookbook, and provided feedback and advice through our Community Forums. We've done all this, on top of our Standard Customer Support, in an effort to accelerate the development and professional growth of everyone who uses GameSalad Creator.

However, sometimes Standard Customer Support simply isn't enough to address the level of service you may desire.

GameSalad is pleased to introduce a new premium level of customer support. In addition to Standard Customer Support, we will now offer the option of purchasing Premium Customer Support for advanced project assistance on a per incident basis (up to three hours). The new Premium Customer Support tier will be available for purchase on August 29th, 2012.

When you purchase Premium Customer Support, we’ll open up your project and offer skilled assistance with:
• Advanced Logic Assistance
• Project File Debugging
• Logic Functionality Review

GameSalad will be offering Premium Customer Support at $199 per incident. We are excited to offer Premium Customer Support and believe this new service will greatly benefit our developer community.

Questions & Answers:

Do I have to pay to receive Customer Support/Submit a Bug Report now?

No, you don’t. The previous levels of support for Basic and Professional users remain the same. Submitting a bug or issue you’ve encountered with a GameSalad project or service is just as easy as it has always been. However, moving forward we are now able to offer a more comprehensive level of support for those seeking advanced game creation assistance.

Why does Premium Support cost money?

As the questions we receive regarding complex logic assistance and game design and construction have increased, we determined that in order to provide the added level of support our Community seeks, we needed to introduce this premium level to our existing support structure. It allows us to take the time necessary to diagnose and triage complex issues that may not necessarily be bug related and gives our members a more direct and personal method of assistance previously unavailable.

To learn more about our new Premium Customer Support, please check out our new Support Page.