MocoSpace, the mobile gaming community, has released results of a new study focused on virtual goods consumption and engagement age.

The study surveyed nearly 500,000 gamers from MocoSpace’s network of 22 million total users. The report shows that younger gamers, aged 25-35, spend the most time playing social games, however gamers over 45 years old buy exponentially more virtual goods than their younger counterparts.

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TechCrunch reports:
“Basically, MocoSpace is reporting that age directly correlates with amount of money spent on virtual goods within social games. The older the gamer, the more virtual goods were purchased. Gamers over 35 years of age, who made up 18 percent of gamers surveyed, were responsible for 42 percent of all virtual goods spending. In contrast, 18- to 25-year-olds, who made up 43 percent of those surveyed, were responsible for only 18 percent of virtual goods purchases.

The report shows that the 25- to 35-year-old is by far the most active social gaming demographic, spending nearly twice as much time gaming as any other group. Those 45 and older spent the least amount of time playing games.”

Source: TechCrunch