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Last week, GameSalad announced the lastest version release with GameSalad Creator for Mac 0.10.0 Beta. Specifically, Mac 0.10.0 launched the new Web Publishing system. 

Previously available in the Windows test bed environment, Mac users are now able to utilize Web Publishing. Web Publishing will offer a smoother experience and a much more powerful way to manage your portfolios, including access to archived versions of published projects and grouping cross-platform games together by title.

The transition to web publishing brings several important changes to the community. Most notably, in order to manage our web and server resources, we will sun-setting the ‘old publishing’ system. GameSalad Mac users will have 30 days to upgrade to 0.10.0. We plan on sun-setting the previous publishing system on or around September 14th, 2012. 

It is important to know that games published through the old publishing system will not show up in the new web publishing game portfolio. In order to bring your previous games into the new portfolio system, we encourage users to republish games under the new web publishing system.