Greetings, GameSalad developers!    

Some of you may know that one of our monetization services, Playhaven, recently changed their name to Upsight.  Today we're happy to announce that as part of our efforts to continue streamlining and improving monetization services for our users, Playhaven users will now be able to sign up directly with Upsight and manage their metrics and earnings data directly with them, and payments will be issued directly from Upsight as well, reducing the processing time involved with receiving your earnings.

What you need to do

All GameSalad developers who use the Playhaven network as part of their monetization strategy should visit Upsight's website to create a new account (free).  You should then re-publish any apps that used the legacy Playhaven system, and enter the token and key information Upsight provides you on your publishing services tab in the same manner as other ad networks.  Once your re-submitted apps are approved, all future earnings will be directed to your new Upsight account, where you can view metrics and earnings directly.

Why is this changing?

This change will bring all of our ad networks in line with our desire to give our users full control of their monetization strategy, streamline ad revenue payout time, and make it easier for you to determine what's working and what's not.

When do I need to do this?

You should create your Upsight account and republish your apps as soon as possible so that your apps can be approved before July 31st.

What happens if I do nothing?

We will continue to collect and pay out earnings earned through July 31st (according to the current payment schedule), but beginning on August 1st, any GameSalad apps using the legacy Playhaven API will no longer earn ad revenues.

I need more information!  Help!

Please visit this forum thread to share your questions and we'll answer them there!   Take a look at our updated Cookbook Page for more detailed instructions!