Free to Play Model Trend is Expanding

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According to the Parks Associates's whitepaper "Trends in Digital Gaming: Free-to-Play, Social, and Mobile Games" the game industry will soon see a notable shift into free-to-play monetization revenue models.

"In-app purchases greatly expand...

Apple to Announce iPad 3 in March

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Apple Logo

Apple plans to hold an event in March and rumors suggest that they will announce the new iPad 3.

Sources close to the company reveal that Apple has chosen the first week in March to launch the product with one of Apple's famous special events....

IndieCade Now Open for Submissions

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Now in its fifth year, IndieCade was established to create a vibrant space to showcase independent games to the public. The organizers proudly state that the festival's aim is to "showcase exciting and innovative new work, host productive...

We are excited to introduce a new feature to the GameSalad community, the official GameSalad podcast. The podcast will be moderated by GameSalad employees and will cover topics such as retro gaming and other gaming enthusiast topics.

In this pilot...

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Salad Solutions is a compilation of educational resources developed by the GameSalad team. Resources include: Question of the Week answers, Cookbook highlights, and webinar videos.

In today's Question of the Week, our Customer Support Team...

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Congratulations to CheeseMan, the GameSalad Game of the Month for January!

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Developed by Hicham Allaoui, CheeseMan is a fun homage to platformer games of the past. Inspired by Super Meat Boy (and with the blessing of Team Meat!), CheeseMan was...

Calling all GameSalad developers!

We are looking for interested parties to create teams and show some GameSalad Creator love by developing GameSalad made games for the Global Game Jam this weekend (January 27-29, 2012)! We would love to see...

Target to launch Apple Mini Stores

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Target announced today that it plans to test Apple mini-stores in a few dozen of its locations later this year. This will expand Apples current partnership with Target as Target currently sells only iOS devices.

Apple In Target

We will have 25 stores with a...