Introducing Windows 8 and Windows Store Support

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GameSalad is pleased to announce that we have joined with Microsoft to bring Windows 8 App Store publishing to GameSalad Creator in advance of the launch of Windows 8 in October!

The Windows 8 Store is an incredible opportunity for the GameSalad...

Gotm 6 August2012

Ventora Studios

Congratulations to Project BOOM, the GameSalad Game of the Month - August

We are pleased to highlight the work of a relative newcomer to the GameSalad community, Max Beaumont!

Project Boom is a collaborative effort of some of the GameSalad...

Introducing GameSalad Premium Support


Hello everyone!

At GameSalad, we want to help every member of our community become the best possible game designer. To that end, we've drafted an Official Manual (available for both Windows and Mac), crafted the detailed tutorials of ...

GameSalad 0.10.0 for Mac: Web Publishing

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Today, we're launching GameSalad Creator for Mac 0.10.0 Beta. Included in this release are some much needed fixes, along with a powerful new feature Web Publishing that will greatly increase the speed, reliability, functionality and flexibility...