UPDATE: this promotion has ended!  Thank you to all the developers who submitted!   For incentive payment updates, please see this thread:

The terms and condition of this promotion are really simple.  You publish a new app to the Tizen platform and, when it's live on the Tizen marketplace, we'll credit you $50 and THREE free months of Pro GameSalad Creator access.  What a deal!

Fine points:

  1. During this promotion publishing to Tizen is FREE for all GameSalad users.
  2. You need to use GameSalad Creator version or higher to release your app.
  3. For more information on porting your game to Tizen, visit our Cookbook Tutorial. At the moment, Tizen device availability is limited, so we suggest testing your app on the Tizen emulator. We will update you once Tizen devices become publicly available for testing.
  4. There's no limit to how many apps you can publish to Tizen to get free months.  Publish 12 apps, get 3 years of Pro free!  There is a limit on total incentive rewards. The program ends once they're all gone, so get in early!
  5. Particularly awesome apps may qualify for extra incentive bonuses through our partnership with appbackr.
  6. We're looking for quality apps. Please, no "hello, world" apps or obvious clones! We'll be checking! GameSalad Inc., in its sole discretion, will determine whether an application submitted for publishing to the Tizen Platform qualifies for incentive rewards. GameSalad may disqualify an app for any reason.
  7. When submitting your game to the Tizen App Store, please enter "appbackr - gamesalad" in the "Comments to the Validation team" section of the submission form.  This step is necessary to receive your incentive payment.
  8. GameSalad will make incentive payments for qualifying apps once we have confirmed that your application is generally available on the Tizen App Store.  Please find the Deep Link and Content ID  of the game on the Tizen App Store. Go back to your game's publishing/portfolio page and click on the Incentives tab.  Enter the Deep Link and Content ID in the Intel + GameSalad Tizen Incentive section:

    Incentives Tab

  9. Incentive payments will be made via Paypal.  Please be willing and ready to accept payments via Paypal. Fill out Tax Information, including your PayPal email address here.
  10. By submitting an app for consideration, you agree to the appbackr Inc. Xchange Publisher Terms and Conditions.